Flu shots are here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… flu shot season! Once again this year, we are only offering the flu shot, not the nasal flumist. Our shipments are coming in smaller, more frequent lots this year, so we are going to open flu shot clinic appointments for as much as our supply will handle (right now, through the end of September). As we get further shipments, we will open new flu clinic dates in October and November.

Once again this year you can schedule your flu clinic appointment right on the patient portal. If you do not remember or know how, click here to check out last year’s flu shot post for instructions. Or you can be old fashioned and call us…

If you don’t get one of these first appointments, do not be concerned, we will have plenty to go around. We gave almost 8000 flu shots last year! The media will sometimes make a big deal (they haven’t yet this year) about the “right time” to get a flu shot, but this is often blown out of proportion. The important thing is getting one!