Flu vaccine is here!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! We have our shipment of flu shots (once again, no flumist this year, shots only) and are ready to give them! This year we are also opening up the ability to schedule your flu clinic appointment on the patient portal! You can still book by calling, but that’s so 20th century….

If you log in, you’ll see that in the left side bar one of the choices is “Appointments”. Click that and you’ll get a submenu, one of those choices is “Schedule Appointment”. Click that, and you’ll see a screen offering a visit with “provider: Flu Clinic”. Click the drop down menu for appointment type and there’s one choice - “flu shot”; pick it. Then scroll down and you’ll see a list of open appointments that you can click to choose. You can also filter by month and day of week.

Remember we don’t have family accounts, so if you have more than one child you’ll have to log in separately for each and make their appointments.