PLAN with families for healthy habits!

PLAN with Families is a 2-year family-based program that encourages healthy eating habits and promotes healthy lifestyle changes. The goal of the program is for families to learn healthy behaviors that can be maintained long-term. In this program, one child between the age of 6 and 12 years old and one parent must participate. The child must be in the 85th BMI percentile or above and the parent must have a BMI of 25 or above. Interested families will be asked to complete questionnaires, short computer tasks, and have their height and weight measured 5 times over the 2-years. Any other household members are welcome to participate in the program, but it is not required. Families have the opportunity to earn up to $175 over the 2-year period. All of the program meetings will be held at the participating child’s pediatric practice. Some families will continue to work directly with their own pediatrician and some families will work with a personal PLAN coach. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kara Featherstone at (585) 276-3593(office) or (585) 369-6912 (work cell) or visit!