How are we doing?

Panorama Pediatric Group is in the midst of becoming certified as a "Primary Care Medical Home."  As part of PCMH certification we are following measures of quality and will occasionally report them here on the website.  Here is an example of some of the things we are following, along with some of our goals for them:

Childhood immunizations:  91.7%  (goal 94%)
This is the rate of children who have passed their 2nd birthday and have received all of the recommended childhood vaccines.  When we look through our data, the most common reason for our patients not being fully immunized by 2 years old is missing one or more of the childhood well child visits.  If you are even unsure if your child is due for shots or a well child, our immunization schedule is posted under the resources tab of our website.

Acute pharyngitis, appropriate testing:  99.1%  (goal met!)
This is the rate of children seen and treated for strep pharyngitis, for whom a rapid strep or throat culture was obtained.  We do well on this because we do our own rapid strep and throat cultures!

"Moving through your visit" questionairre:  85.7%  (goal 90%)
This is from the questionaire that you may get in your email after a visit with us, and includes things like wait time (in the waiting room and in the exam room), being told if there is a hold up when things are slow and you are waiting, etc.   We are very happy that 85% of you are happy with our workflow, but want to do even better, so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to comment on this post or on the related Facebook post.

We are going to continue tracking these, watching for improvement.  Stay tuned for the next report!

Dr. Sullo and the PCMH team