Farewell Pam, we will miss you!

With great sadness, we would like to announce that today is Pam O'Connor's last day with us here at PPG!  Pam has actually penned a farewell letter, which follows.  We will miss her dearly!

Today, September 28th, will be my last day at Panorama Pediatrics. In keeping with my heritage, I considered the “Irish Goodbye” but felt I wanted to say a few things before I go. Leaving is hard. I have made many wonderful friends along the way here. We have shared so many laughs, tremendous triumphs, heartbreak and the tears that went along with it. Every day I got up and went to work, I remembered why I do this; to care for your children. To make a difference. To listen to your stories, to give you a hug, to tell you it would be okay. For all of the difficult days, there were many more that lifted me up and made me feel good. So thank you for allowing me into the most private parts of your lives. Thank you for trusting me to care for your children; your most precious gifts. Thank you for sharing your fears, your tears and even some really good laughs. I will miss you and I hope you truly realize that. It has been quite a journey; one that has made me a better person. I wish you all the best.

Love, Pam O’Connor