Elizabeth Machiele

Dr. Elizabeth Machiele remembers always wanting to be a pediatrician, even as a young child.  She grew up in the New England area, living in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, moving every few years with her dad's civil engineering job.  She attended Bates College and then the University of Rochester for medical school.  An early acceptance allowed her the opportunity to study in Scotland during college.  She served as an officer in the Navy, working for them as a physician in Great Lakes, Illinois.  She returned to Rochester in 1998 where she resides in Honeoye Falls with her husband Jeff and two daughters, now young adults.  She began her career at PPG in 2001 and continues to feel blessed with the opportunity to share in the lives of so many wonderful families.  She enjoys walks with her golden retriever, many outdoor activities- running, skiing and hiking, as well as traveling, cooking, reading and photography.  She is a sports enthusiast, playing volleyball in high school and college, and now as a fan, watching her daughter's college soccer games, as well as any other sports her husband can get her to!